Stoops Digital & HeyDay

HeyDay Entertainment trusts Stoops Digital to provide stellar graphic content. Creating 'welcome' graphics for corporate events hosted at both their Norman and Bricktown location. HeyDay also relied on Stoops Digital to design an engaging and heuristic Kid's Menu to keep their younger restaurant visitors entertained throughout their visit.

Kid's Menu

A key aspect of the HeyDay Kid's menu was keeping the young restaurant patrons entertained by providing them with challenging yet delightful activities - these activities allow the children's parents to browse their own menus in a distraction free enviroment to keep their experience at HeyDay an enjoyable one. 

HeyDay Kid's Menu Front

Maintaining the HeyDay Entertainment branding and properly representing their attractions like mini golf, bowling, and laser tag was accomplished by iconizing each activity's main keypoints to be arranged throughout the menu. Everything you find on the menu was hand drawn in-house with a mouse or pen tablet with the exception of the HeyDay Logo as well as any text.

HeyDay Kid's Menu Back

Welcome Signs

As an entertainment center, HeyDay hosts events for local and national groups whether a birthday party for a family member or reserving the facility for a corporate event. HeyDay welcomes their group events via their monitors affixed facing towards their main entrance adorned with the company or group's name and a warm welcome. They sought a professional yet inviting design - easily customized for each group's style and branding.

HeyDay Welcome Sign Mockups


The 'Triple Tuesdays' graphics were based off HeyDay's current design structure featuring the neon-style text. Stoops Digital created a graphic that not only fit in with their previous style, but maintains and enhances it as well.

HeyDay Triple Tuesdays Advertisement

The HeyDay logo is a registered trademark of HeyDay Entertainment