Stoops Digital & SHS Theatre

Southmoore Theatre trusts Stoops Digital in providing memorable photography and videography for their students and parents. Stoops Digital creates quality DVDs of their theatrical performances and shoots headshots and action shots of their talented students. The services provided can also be a valuable fundraiser for the department - with button pictures and the DVDs collecting a profit in order to fund bigger and better shows in the future.


Stoops Digital snapshots the Southmoore students in full hair, makeup, and costume for their parents and themselves to have permanently documented either in the form of a print, button, or digital image. The cast of the show is memorialized together in a full group picture on their main stage.

Southmoore Image Examples


Providing high quality video and DVDs of each performance provides showgoers with tangible and permanent documentation of each show's presentation. Stoops digital captures the Southmoore students whilst they embody their characters or run technical aspects of the performance - resulting in an astonishing archivable final show.